Important : Observation of International Water Day ,2023 women’s day Seminar Holiday on account of Doljatra & Hoi Date : 23-03-2023

To get into the ins and outs of Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya it is necessary to know Gurudas College of Commerce – the name by which it was previously recognized. Gurudas College a neighboring renowned Higher Education Institution parented the birth of Gurudas College of Commerce. Both the colleges are named after Sir Gurudas Bandyopadhyay a famous freedom fighter, a luminary of the Indian Judicial system and the 1st Indian Vice –Chancellor of Calcutta University. A railway halt, garden etc. are also named after him in this locality.

Gurudas college being a govt. sponsored institution was not granted permission for imparting commerce education. Hence the necessity for establishment of Gurudas College of Commerce arose to cater to the needs for Business & Commerce education in this north-eastern part of the capital city of a significant north-east state of the country. From the inception of the college on 21.08.1968 till 05.03.2001 it was housed in the premises of Gurudas College in evening shift. It was a boys’ college providing teaching in commerce stream at the Higher Secondary and (pass & honours) course level. Gurudas College and Gurudas College of Commerce were two different colleges with separate Governing Body, office, administration, staff members and students although there was a misconception that both are one and the same college.

Its name was changed to Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya after its conversion from evening to day shift, uni-faculty to multi-faculty and boys’ to co-education college.

Some confusion over its name still persists but the college is not ready to forego the legacy of Sir Gurudas Bandyopadhyay a legend in Indian history. Now the college has its own building. Teaching is provided in arts, science and commerce. Both male and female students are admitted. It is a complete day shift college, official working hours being 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM although teaching learning process spills beyond the official hours before 10.00 am and after 5.00 pm.

The vision statement contained in the retrospect published by the college in 1998 on the occasion of the retirement of the immediately preceding principal Late Birendra Kumar Bandyopadhyay expressed hope for a three shift college with diversified subjects in its own building in the years to come.

The college has moved fast in this direction. While maintaining the focus and lead in commerce education – science and arts subjects are being introduced gradually.