Important : Form fillup of Sem I Workshop on Preparation of NAAC Notice Holiday on account of Day before of Saraswati Puja Date : 03-02-2023

Principal’s Desk

At the dawn of the 21st Century, a paradigm shift is altogether witnessed in the teaching-learning scenario.
We are always highly concerned about reaching out to each and every student. We take into account every single problem they face in learning. We try to solve the problems by talking to the parents as well. Our basic objective is to develop a student friendly campus where teachers are their friend-philosopher-guide in the true meaning of the term.
The active involvement of the students as well as the initiatives of the students for the betterment of the college is our strength.
Regular survey and assessment of feedback for the students as well as their parents are done. Conducting regular parent –teacher- principal interactions is one of our best practices. This effort shall surely play a positive role in encouraging teaching –learning perspectives.
We are gradually establishing a flipped classroom approach for teaching and learning. This shift in teaching –learning approach helps a student to be more actively involved into learning. Resources are provided in a compressed and schematic way to our students for effective learning support for assessments, examination and evaluation. Students are taken care of individually and in small groups that enable equal learning opportunity for all the students. As the university syllabus also focuses more on group work and projects, flipped classroom environment shall help for both the advanced and less advanced learners.
We are moving for blended teaching -learning (mix of online and face to face) where online resources and contents can be skillfully utilized for our student community along with traditional classroom. Our class routine has been framed in such a manner so as to allow for a blended learning environment.
Addressing digital divide in the perspective of the socio-economic scenario shall take some more time, however balancing and collaborating the digital divide to the greatest extent is our motto.
Integrating ICT based learning with traditional classroom as well as library services is what we are doing. Smart class/Virtual class rooms and modern teaching aids are being effectively utilized for teaching-learning. Offline access to contents and audio call conferencing are more aimed at than continuous internet streaming keeping in mind the socio-economic background of the students at large. However, online classes on different platforms are also regularly being conducted. Our academic departments interconnect to execute teaching-learning based on ICT. We are active, positive and connected in effective utilization of ICT based services. Audio-visual lectures, seminars and workshops are conducted on a regular basis utilizing ICT based approaches.
The students also are learning more of ICT based techniques for learning. During this pandemic, teaching- learning has been a continuous process with our students. We are always connected to our students. Wellbeing of the student community in every aspect has been our primary concern during this period.
Our college library is an essential support service for the institution. The students are highly interested to visit the library regularly. We aim at delivering resources with equal emphasis on physical and online resources. Library extension and outreach activities are taken up regularly to socially sensitize the students as well as extend service to the community through the library. Initiative has been taken to augment the teaching-learning process by adopting various innovative student encouragement techniques and activities.Events for library induction and user orientations are regularly conducted.
As the old proverb says “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, we encourage on leisure hours with indoor sports equipments for the boys and girls. We have a gymnasium with all modern equipments for a healthy mind and body.
We have separate boy’s and girl’s common room.
Our college has won many national championship trophies. The credit goes to our trained football team.
We have multi-talented students having high expertise in cultural activities.
NSS Unit is active.
Taking a tree analogy, for the overall development of an individual, an education system targeting on the ripe fruits, i.e. focusing on the academic performance, academic competition and successful career goals as primary outcomes are no more effective. We have to prepare students to be responsible and dependable individuals of tomorrow, where acquiring soft skills (like leaves of a tree that flourishes it) are very important. Acquiring soft skills makes an individual able to express and articulate one-self, which is important. Essential life skills are to be developed that gives a strong foundation for overcoming blocks in life. A tree trunk is strong enough to resist forces that the tree bends but does not break easily. Our students shall be able to handle the varied dimensions of life easily by acquiring essential life skills. Next is the importance of developing learning skills to grasp, retain and recall. Like roots continuously nourish a tree, the learning skills enable continuous development of the individual to acquire knowledge and wisdom.
We try to introduce innovative approaches in teaching-learning, through different practices and methods both formal and informal.
Along with curriculum oriented teaching-learning we are equally focusing on skill development activities, active curricular and co-curricular involvement of students. We regularly conduct cultural programmes. We actively develop awareness and responsibility towards environment. We conduct programmes on value education and emotional wellbeing for the students. Counseling of students is conducted to make them future ready in every aspects.
We inculcate core values among our students so that they are able to contribute to the society and the nation at large.
We strongly believe, “Knowledge is power-Unity is strength”.
Our sincere efforts and perseverance shall give positive results in rendering effective contributions towards teaching  learning as a higher educational institution.