Important : Holiday notice & Class Suspension Notice Orientation program (Semester-I ) & Class Routine SEM-I, III & V Admission 2nd phase ( Last Date:16.9.2022) Date : 25-09-2022

Scholarships :


The West Bengal Aikyashree Minority Scholarship Scheme 2021 will address the growing aspiration for education in minority communities. The WB Aikyashree Scheme provides minority students with more avenues for socio-economic and educational mobility by extending financial support and encouragement.

Student Credit Card:  

students in West Bengal do not have to forego higher education due to financial constraints, the state government has introduced a new credit card scheme.



Kanyashree is an initiative taken by the Government of West Bengal to improve the life and the status of the girls by helping economically backward families with cash so that families do not arrange the marriage of their girl child before eighteen years because of economic problems.