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“শিক্ষার শেকড়ের স্বাদ তেঁতো হলেও এর ফল মিষ্টি “- এরিস্টটল
“আমরা যতই অধ্যয়ন করি ততই আমাদের অজ্ঞানতাকে আবিষ্কার করি “- শেলী
“নিজের অজ্ঞতা সম্বন্ধে অজ্ঞানতার মতঅজ্ঞান আর তো কিছু নাই” – রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর


The department of Bengali started its journey initially as a compulsory language in this college, as earlier it was associated with a commerce college. Slowly years passed by and the department was empowered with General course and finally with Honours by the Dept. of Higher Education, Govt. of West Bengal. Honours in Bengali started in the college from the very early days of foundation of Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya. The department always maintains a healthy balance between teacher student-relation and always enhance the students for the participation of various cultural activities of the college.

Infrastucture :

  • The department has its own separate classroom .
  • students are given notes/synopsis at end of  each class.
  • Sometime faculties use ICT ( Projector ) for their class lectures in the Seminar /Projector room of the college.

Library Facility:

  • With the facility of central Library of the college, department also offers its students some reference books from the departmental book-club.

Future Plan:

  • Enrichment of departmental library
  • More ICT class lecture with a separate AV room.
  • Organise a National Level Seminar with more state level seminars on different literary issues.
  • More cultural activities inside the department.
  • Establish a permanent exhibition on history of Bengali Literature within the class room.
  • Establishment of Audio Visual Library of Bengali Literature and Culture.
  • Publish a Departmental Academic Journal.

Course Details

  1. UG- Semester Wise Three years B.A Honours Course (Under CBCS, University of Calcutta)
  2. Three Years B.A. Honours Course(1+1+1) ,University of Calcutta



Head Of The Department

Designation: Assocoate Professor
Qualification: M.A., Phd.
Contact No: 9434229743
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Name Mausumi Bandyopadhyay
Designation: Associate Professor
Contact No 9434229743
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Name Subhendu Dasmunshi
Designation: Assistant Professor, STAGE-II
Contact No -
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Name Prof. Debjani Nayak
Designation Part Time Teacher(Govt. Approved)
Qualification M.A.
Contact No 9836469014
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Name Prof. Isita Dutta
Designation Part Time Teacher(Govt. Approved)
Qualification M.A.
Contact No 9874268226
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Name Prof. Chandan Adhya
Designation Part Time Teacher(Govt. Approved)
Qualification M.A.
Contact No 9051239477
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Name Prof. Tina Paul
Designation Guest Lecturer
Qualification M.A.
Contact No 8697508476
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Name Prof. Angana Das
Designation Guest Lecturer
Qualification M.A,M.Phil
Contact No 9903818867
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  • Quality of faculty in terms of their teaching experience and academic profile
  • Special care for the weak students by taking remedial classes
  • Extremely friendly teacher student relation
  • Students can enrich their knowledge through the lectures of eminent academician in a periodical manner
  • Students are trained for how to use the library resources in allotted library classes.
  • To built up a departmental library.
  • To prepare a archive of digital class notes for the students.
  • To procure of good number of little magazine.
  • Class room space specially for the GENL course has to be increased.
  • To create horizontal networks with other institutes so as to bring in expert inputs and resources.
  • To initiate a departmental journal.
  • To improve the collection of the departmental library and to provide the students with more e-assistance.
  • To bring in more audio-visual learning material. If possible to create a separate collection of such material within the departmental library.

Presently student can access Google Classroom Study Material with various doc, pdf, ppt & youtube/video link.

Further update reflect here.