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Short History of the NSS:

  • 2 NSS Units with 100 volunteers each conduct extension activities throughout the year.
  • 1st Unit was established in 2008.  The university granted permission for a 2nd Unit in 2013.
  • Both units conduct various extension activities in the locality.
  • Close relation is maintained with the local community.

Students’ Participation in the NSS Programme

  • Students are encouraged to join the NSS Programme at the beginning of the academic session during the orientation programme.
  • Notices are circulated in the class encouraging students to join NSS.
  • Teachers encourage the students in their personal capacity.
  • Students are regularly updated about the recent activities and programmes organised by NSS.
  • Apart from the enlisted volunteers other students are also encouraged to participate in various NSS programmes.

Activities of the NSS in Last 4 Years:
Year 2012-13:

  • Celebration of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore
  • Participation in the Vigyan Jyoti Rally by the volunteers on 22.01.2013
  • Observation of Anti-Drug Abuse Day on 26.06.2013

 Year 2013-14:

    • Organising awareness campaign on World AIDS Day on 1.12.2013
    • Seminar on Music Therapy 23.12.2013
    • Participation in Rajib Gandhi Khel Abhiyan
  • Conclusion of 1 year-long celebration of Tagore’s 150th Birth Anniversary

Year 2014-15:

  • Van Mahotsav from 7.07.2014-14.07.2014
  • Observation of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 2.10.2014
  • Vivekananda Birth Anniversary on 12.01.2015
  • Observation of World Environment Day 5. 6.2015

Year 2015-16:

  • Blood Donation Camp on 9.9.2015
  • Communal Harmony Week from 19.11.2015 to 25.11.2015
  • Participation in Digital India Campaign



Some Special Programmes Organized/Participated by the NSS:
NSS Volunteers Participating in Pals Polio Programme


Free Health Camp:


NSS Volunteers in a Programme on National Integration Held in University of Calcutta:


NSS Volunteers participating in Traffic Control Week:


NSS Special Camp: An Occasion for Social Engagement

  • Every year the two units of the NSS organize Special NSS Camp in the college. On this occasion several programmes are arranged to motivate students towards fulfilling their social responsibility and to forge more fruitful and symbiotic relation with the local community.
  • The camps help student form camaraderie as they share space and meal for a week.
  • The camp also organizes lectures, seminars and talks to make students aware of their own rights and duties.

Slum surveys form an integral part of the NSS Camps every year. NSS volunteers form groups to visit nearby settlements conduct surveys on various aspects of social and family life such as personal and collective hygiene, availability of civic amenities, literacy among all genders, substance abuse etc. The data collected during such surveys are then discuss and analyzed during different sessions of the camp and a report is drafted and submitted to the NSS Coordinator.


Activities of the NSS Camp in Last Three years:
Year 2013-14:

  • An awareness programme was organized on water wastage.
  • A special talk was organised on drug abuse
  • A seminar was organised on the importance of Swami Vivekananda for today’s youth

Year 2014-15:

    • A seminar was organised on environmental awareness.
    • A cultural programme was organised with the people of the adopted slum
    • ‘Grow with Library’ rally was organised from the college
    • An awareness programme was organised on Thalassemia and HIV-AIDS

Year 2015-16:

  • ‘Grow with Library’ – a library awareness campaign involving socially and economically backward children of the locality.


Slum Survey During NSS Camp:


Extension Activity Involving Local Children:


Awards and Recognition:
Year 2012-13:

  • Best NSS Volunteer award conferred by University of Calcutta – Sri Manojit Mandal
  • Best Special Camp Award 2013

Year 2013-14:

  • College was selected as head quarter of North-East NSS District comprising 10 colleges under Calcutta University.
  • Best Programme Officer of NSS
  • Best NSS Unit under Calcutta University for three consecutive years -2012, 2013, 2014.

Year 2014-15:

  • Best NSS Programme Officer at University level – Prof. Hasi Mukhopadhyay- 2015
  • Best Programme Officer at State level – Prof. Hasi Mukhopadhyay – 2014

Year 2015-16:

  • Representation of NSS Unit in National Integration Camp-2015 at Mumbai University.