Important : Holiday on account of Day before of Saraswati Puja Observation Days notices Saraswati Puja painting collection Date : 28-01-2023


The missions of the college are all those plans, programs and actions that are considered necessary to translate its vision into reality. The mission statements of the college are:-

  • To strike a balance between quality and quantity on demographic considerations.
  • To upgrade the college into a three shift comprehensive co-educational institute of higher education with the introduction of different subjects under science, arts and commerce streams.
  • To maintain focus on commerce education for reasons of legacy.
  • To complete the construction of four storied college building on its own land within the main city limit.
  • To establish close contact between the students and the teachers through quality teaching-learning process.
    Encouraging students to perform better at the examinations.
  • To make the students better equipped to serve their own purpose, purposes of their family, locality, state and the country as a whole.
  • To contribute to a better and higher form of society with adequate knowledge based student community.
  • To implant core values, inculcate the sense of nationalism and nation building.
  • To integrate the college motto – “Knowledge is Power- Unity is Strength” to the institutional strategy to make the country powerful with sufficient knowledge base and securing integrity & development of the country with the strength of unity.