Important : Holiday on account of May Day AQAR Committee List Parent Teacher meeting Notice (Computer Sc.) Date : 07-05-2021
Students Union Activity

All students of the college are members of the Union. The Union arranges for the social services and relief work as well as for rendering financial and others help to the poor and deserving students of the college.

There is a Constituiotion of the students’ Union which regulates the activities of the Union including election and formation of the Executive Committee of the Union.

President:Sourav Sen Gupta
General Secretary(G.S):Rajesh Mondal

Discipline and Grievance Redressal

  1. Smoking,Pan-masala etc. are not allowed inside the college.All categories of staff-members and students population are to follow this seriousaly.Smoking in public place is nulawful
  2. Shouting,damaging college furniture,writing on the building walls,postering and making the premises dirty in any way are prohibites
  3. Use of mobile phone in the class room,office,library disallowed.
  4. Attendance as per C.U rules is mandatory.Name of the student will be automatically struck off the roll if he/she is absent from the class continuously over a long period.
  5. Sitting at the entrance/gate or on the stairs is prohibited.
  6. Only clean and descent dresses are allowed for all concerned.
  7. Complaint for any grievances is to be addressed to the convenor,Redressal Cell.

Composition of the Sir Gurudas Mahavidyalaya College Student’s Union Cabinet

President Sourav Sen Gupta
Vice-President Suman Hore
General Secretary Rajesh Mondal
Asst.General Secretary Bitan Singha
Treasurer Chiranjit Das
Cultural Secretary Robiul Mollick
Asst.Cultural Secretary Mohua Saha

Atanu Debnath

Game Secretary Bivek Ghata
Asst.Game Secretary Rabiul Sardar

Sanjit Biswas

Indoor Game Incharge Satyajit Biswas
Asst.Indoor Game Incharge Pralay Purkait
Outdoor Game Incharge Rupayan Das
Asst.Outdoor Game Incharge Jyotirmoy Halder
Boys Common Room Incharge Akash Sahoo
Asst.Common Room Incharge Jeeten Sharma

Faruk Hossain

Aid Fund Secretary Souradip Kundu
Asst.Aid Fund Secretary Smita Chakraborty
Magazine Secretary Solanki Paul

Chandrima Bhattacharjee

Library Secretary Anish Bhattacharjee
Asst.Library Secretary Sounak Mukherjee
Ladies Common Room Incharge Piya Banik

Asha Das

Soumi Ghosh