Important : Observation of International Water Day ,2023 women’s day Seminar Holiday on account of Doljatra & Hoi Date : 23-03-2023
Sustained efforts of the college in the path of evolution, expansion and quality education are guided by a set of core values. These values are adopted keeping in mind the all important issues of expansion, access, quality, competitiveness, use of emerging educational technologies, value education and continuous adaptation with the ever changing academic environment at local, national and international level. Some of the core values embedded within the educational structure, plans and programs are noted below:-


  1. Actions are directed towards realization of aims and objectives set forth explicitly or implicitly. Quality education enhances the knowledge base of the students which in turn helps the creation of a knowledge based society. The college is primarily established with the sole object of human resource development and enhancing the capacity and capability of individuals with the ultimate goal to contribute to the capacity building and socio-economic development of the country. With this end in view college always looks after the diverse social, economic and academic needs of different categories of students classified as SC, ST, OBC, PWD, BPL, General, slow learners, male, female and students from outside the state and the country etc.


  1. With the advent of privatization, liberalization and globalization across the world, the nature of demand in the job market has undergone a huge change. Global networking of business, industry, knowledge and communication has initiated drastic change in the method and quality of higher education where skill meets performance. Inspite of low profile students’ base, the college tries its level best to develop the ‘students’ education and skill to match the international standard. To this end the college has established e-resource centre at its library and has made necessary arrangement with neighboring libraries and institutions where from the students and staff can get necessary academic inputs. Skill development of students is a focus area of the college administration. The aim is to develop the competence of the students to suit global competition by creating high caliber skilled workers. It will foster a close relationship between the nature of work and the workers.


  1. Adequate value system is important for healthy and holistic application of knowledge and skill acquired by the students during college life. We consider it to be our institutional social responsibility (ISR) to inculcate and foster desirable value system among the students keeping in mind the deep rooted social, geographical, economic and cultural diversities in the country. Two units of NSS are working through-out the year in addition to annual 10-day special program in this direction. Considering the cultural plurality of our country the college observers Communal Harmony Week from 19th to 25th of November every year, the 25th being the flag day. During this week discussion, debate, awareness program, fund raising and procession in the locality are conducted. All these are done as per the desire and guidance of “National Foundation for Communal Harmony” a central govt. sponsored autonomous body. Collected fund is deposited with the foundation. In addition, the universal value systems such as truth, logic, patience, tolerance etc. are encouraged among the students for peaceful healthy living with mutual co-operation and understanding.


  1. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has brought the countries of the world closer and bound them together by well established networking. Interactions among the global people have become easier and instant. Resource creation, resource sharing and resource management have got tremendous boost from the advancement of science and technology. Extensive use of ICT in the field of teaching and learning has made it attractive, enjoyable and amazing for the teachers and the taught. Traditional method of chalk and talk in the delivery of educational services is no longer encouraging to the students and it appears dull and monotonous to both the teachers and learners.


Admission, examination, library office and administration are gradually shifting to ICT enabled system. A good number of Photocopy machines, copier (RESO), printer, scanner and other hardware are installed. Necessary software both for academic and administrative process has been acquired. Website of the college has been created and is used extensively since 2005. It is useful for quick flow of information to stakeholders. Electronic documentation and data management are ensured partially. Accounting system is computerized.


  1. The college firmly believes that skill development of students and contributions to nation-building are the ultimate aims of higher education system. To be a valued contributor to this process, college adopts all necessary measures from time to time to deliver high quality education to a large number of students and in this way keeps its drive alive and effective to develop the college as a center of excellence. With this end in view college has established IQAC in 2012 and entrusted it with the task of capturing necessary data, conducting self-assessment and suggesting required measures. Hope the interactions with the NAAC peer team and its suggestions, recommendations and guidance will explore the unknown and unexposed areas of actions required for excellence at a new height.