Important : Observation of International Water Day ,2023 women’s day Seminar Holiday on account of Doljatra & Hoi Date : 23-03-2023

Dr. Shinjini Basu

General Information

Department English
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Ph. D
E mail
Teaching Experience 10 Years
Research Experience 12 Years
Invited Lectures

Academic Activities

Edited Book

Co-editor of Transformation of Women: Interrogating the Discourses, Kolkata: Papyrus, 2015. Also has a paper titled ‘Voices beyond the Veil: Space of Gender in the Works of Three Muslim Women Writers’, ISBN 978-81-32-6-1

Published papers and articles

1. ‘Dreams from the Attic: Anxieties of History in Two Novels of Akhteruzzaman Elias’, in The Local and the Global in Postcolonial Literature, edited by Punyashree Panda, New Delhi: Author Press, 2014, ISBN 978-81-7273-881-5

2. ‘From Sensationalism to Subjectivisation: Dickens’ Tryst with Newgate Novels and the Construction of the Victorian Public Sphere’, in Essays and Studies, a refereed journal published by the Department of English, Jadavpur University, 2015, ISSN 0975-3478
3. ‘From Mahad to Una: The Changing Trajectory of Dalit Mass Movements’, in Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, an international refereed journal, No 1, September 2017, ISSN 0973-8738
4. ‘মুক্তধারা’র ইংরাজি ভাষান্তরে গানঃ অনুবাদের অন্তর্বিশ্লেষণ’, রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের ‘মুক্তধারাঃ কিছু ভাবনা, সম্পাদনাঃ চিত্রিতা বন্দ্যোপাধ্যায়, কলকাতা, রত্নাবলী, ২০১৮, ISBN 978-93-81329-68-9
5. ‘দেশভাগের সত্তরঃ স্মৃতির ইতিহাস, ইতিহাসের স্মৃতি’, ষান্মাসিক বার্তায় প্রকাশিত, জানুয়ারি ২০১৮
6. Article published in online journal titled ‘A Politician Questioned the Credentials of Bengal’s Most Respected Living Poet. Everyone Jumped In’,, published on May 19, 2018.
7. ‘Life Beyond Morality: Women in the Imagination of Crime in Nineteenth Century Bengal’ published in Critical and Creative Wings, Vol 5 Issue I, a refereed journal ISSN 2348-8026, published in March 2018.
8. Book chapter titled ‘Translating Gramsci in Bengali: Redefining the Buddhijibi in Post-Liberalisation Bengal in a book titled India in Translation: Translation in India, edited by Prof. GJV Prasad, New Delhi: Bloomsbury, 2019, ISBN: HB: 978-93-88414-19-7
9. Essay titled ‘1947 Partition Archive: Digital Memory as a Site of Remembrance for Collective Trauma’ in the book titled Reappraising the Partition of India published in 2019

Papers presented in seminars and conferences

1. Presented paper titled ‘Spinning the Past in An(Other) Voice: the ‘Usefulness’ of Delinquent History in Shoshee Chunder Dutt’s Realities of Indian Life in the National Young Researchers’ Seminar at the Centre for English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in 2012.

2. Presented a paper titled ‘Between Flowers and Convicts: Decoding Jean Genet’s Imaginarium of Deviance’ in the international conference on ‘Crime and Literature’ organized by the Department of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of Delhi in 2015

3. Presented a paper titled ‘1947 Partition Archive: Digital Memory as a Site of Remembrance for Collective Trauma’ in the UGC-CPE sponsored International Conference on ‘Reappraising the Partition of India’, 2017, organised by the Department of History, Bijoy Krishna Girls’ College, Howrah
4. Presented a paper titled “’An Extravagant and Wheeling Stranger”: Encountering the Muslim as the Neighbour’ in the international conference on ‘9/11 and the Beginning of the End of Liberal Democracy’ organized by the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of English, Jadavpur University in 2018
5. Presented a paper titled ‘Kunal Basu’s Kalkutta: Making the City Tolerable at its Seams’, at the annual International Conference of the Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, co-hosted by the Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University in 2018
6. Presented a paper titled ‘Violence and the Caste-samaj: Gandhi’s Non-violence and the ‘Anathema’ of Caste’ at an International Conference titled ‘Samaj and Freedom(s) – the Relevance of Gandhi and Tagore’s Ideas Today’ organized by Manipal University and Edinburgh Napier University on 22nd and 23rd February, 2019.
7. Presented a paper titled ‘Atisa’s Home and His World: Positioning the Local in Global South’, at the Annual International Conference of the Indian Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, co-hosted by the Centre for Advanced Studies, Department of English, Jadavpur University, 2020
8. Presented a paper titled ‘‘People are Missing’ – Political Utterance of the ‘Unregistered’ at the International Conference titled ‘Encountering the Social: Masquerades, Fluidities and Becoming of Postcapitalism’ as part of Deleuze and Guattari World Congress organized by the Centre for Culture, Media and Governance, Jamia Milia Islamia University, New Delhi, 2020.

Administrative Post

1. Member of the Research Advisory Committee in the Department of English, Kazi Nazrul University
2. Content Writer for Netaji Subhas Open University