Important : Commencement of Class semester -II Observation of International Water Day ,2023 women’s day Seminar Date : 27-03-2023

The central library of the college has over 15000 subject books. Click Here for Details of Central Library

A library holds the key responsibility to cater to the needs of the students. Necessary support in the form of academic requirements such as resources for curricular supplementation.

However orientation, motivation, social sensitization of students both from the academic and psycho-social perspectives is another noteworthy support which builds up the student into a self sufficient, confident and socially responsible human being.

Being a mentor for developing the soft skills as well as indicating to career and job prospects or assisting  student progression is a vital issue a library can take care of.


A number of such activities which are assumed to be a part of such initiatives are chalked hereunder which are a part of the library activities:

  • Newer editions of books are being added every year in order to satisfy the students: book ratio for effective curricular Supplementation
  • Providing book lending facility at par with the requirement of the students
  • Special scopes for accessing resources for the PH students, regular readers, inquisitive learners
  • Procuring resources after careful consideration of the students’ requirements
  • Separate collection for Remedial coaching scheme
  • Separate collection for entry into services scheme
  • Providing OPAC and internet facilities
  • Institutional Memberships to renowned libraries for accessing resources
  • E- resource subscription under INFLIBNET-NLIST programme
  • Subscription to periodicals for scholarly content as well as a support for competitive examinations
  • Library clearance is not compulsory before part I and Part II examination
  • Unlimited scope for renewing books throughout the session
  • Resources are regularly processed for quick availability after purchase
  • Regular survey and interaction with the students to identify their requirements
  • Holding book exhibition, book fair and display of new arrivals
  • Library extension activities in the form of Library awareness programme
  • Encouraging the students to participate in library activities and to be actively involved with the library resources
  • Library goes hand in hand with N.S.S team to build up a habit of reading and promoting library awareness
  • Developing Posters/Presentations to foster reading habit
  • Informal inculcation of reading habit in the form of literary circle, adopt-a-book, friends of the library scheme
  • Initiation of the newsletter to publicize the library activities such as events related to promotion and use of library, encouraging the readers and ensuring the use of books
  • Special emphasis on providing information about career prospects, job previews and current awareness through the newsletter
  • An interactive platform for the students in the form of the column introduced in the newsletter as “Students Corner”
  • TRIUMPH-the scholars’ club is a recent introduction to encourage a tempo for academic performance
  • Regular interactions with the parents
  • Spoken English Initiative taken along with the department of English as a part of developing soft skill


  • Separate reading zone for Students.
  • Reading zone for Faculty and Staff with Virtual Classroom/Communication Facility.
  • Permanent display/exhibition area.
  • Research zone/Research Cell.
  • Audio Visual  section.
  • Extension of Online Access Zone.
  • Leisure and Hobby  Zone.
  • Library Automation with RFID Technology.
  • MOPAC(OPAC on MobilePhones)
  • Institutional Repository/Digital Library with Greenstone/Dspace
  • Building of E- book resources with Kindle
  • Online access to NLIST/E-Resource Access through website.
  • E-Feedback of students.
  • Web Conferencing.
  • Extension of Stack Area.

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