Important : Commencement of Class semester -II Observation of International Water Day ,2023 women’s day Seminar Date : 27-03-2023

Institutional Distinctiveness

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A foremost concern of the college has always been to augment the students’ academic improvement. To follow this up, steps are taken to identify students who are lagging behind in academics, to recognize their areas of difficulties and to find ways to address them. An integral part of the teaching learning process is continuous internal assessment, both through daily feedback after class as well as systematized half yearly and yearly internal evaluations. As weak students are identified,the following steps are taken to redress their concerns:

  • Often it is seen that students do not do well in academics not because they are less intelligent but for lack of preparedness. Therefore, re-tests and verbal assessment are conducted on regular basis.
  • In the past, college has successfully run UGC sponsored remedial coaching for the students from disadvantageous groups. Now, the college has continued to arrange remedial classes for the weak students on a regular basis. Special classes are allotted outside the normal routine. The administration also takes note of the regularity of the students in these classes and their effectiveness.
  • Small tutorial groups are created with the purpose of identifying individual obstacles and error of the students and to resolve them under personalized care.
  • Though college students are adults and should shoulder academic responsibilities themselves, conducive home environment and concerned parental support are necessary. With this view in mind the college tries to contact and collaborate with the student’s parents in order to make a two-way communication possible for the wellbeing of the students.The vision of the institute is to achieve excellence while remaining faithful to its commitment to the empowerment of the weaker sections of the society through knowledge that enlightens and empowers. A substantial percent of the students of the college are first generation learners and are also from socioeconomically backward families. They are bound to have challenges in day to day basis. Parent meet are conducted regularly, at least twice a year, one after the half yearly assessment and one after the annual, to have an understanding of the challenge individual student facesand also to impart the parents the expectations of a higher education institution. Academic progress, attendance of the students and other related matters are discussed. Parents’ observations and suggestions are taken note of and are addressed to. Equipped with the response of such meetings,the college often tries to go out of routine academic activities to support the challenged students.