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Alumni Form

Gurudas College of Commerce was established in 1968 affiliated to the University of Calcutta and enlisted under Section 2(f) and 12(b) of the UGC Act. The name of the College is changed to SIR GURUDAS MAHAVIDYALAYA due to its conversion from unifaculty to multifaculty Institution
Our Strength

  • Satisfactory academic performance of the students.
  • Classrooms with modern Teaching Aids, LCD T.V and LCD projectors in Library.
  • Digital Classroom for interactive learning and Collaboration with other colleges for Specialised Learning.
  • Well equipped Library with KOHA Software and OPAC.
  • Access to online resources under NME-ICT, INFLIBNET- NLIST and DELNET.
  • Well equipped Laboratory with modern instruments and resource sharing facility.
  • Active N.S.S Unit.
  • Regular parent-faculty interactions.
  • Merit Scholarships for Students.
  • Tution fees Concession for Students.
  • Students’s Aid Fund.
  • Kanyashree Prakalpa.
  • Spoken English Initiative.
  • Remedial and Tutorial Classes.
  • Anti ragging Cell.
  • Grevance and Redressal Cell.
  • Career Councelling and Placement Cell.
  • Library Induction Classes.
  • Purified Drinking Water.
  • Programmes for social sensitization of youth are specially planned within the curricula.
  • Orientation and motivational programmes are regularly executed.

Above all care and concern for the Students is our motto…

The missions of the college are all those plans, programs and actions that are considered necessary to translate its vision into reality. The mission statements of the college are:-

  • To strike a balance between quality and quantity on demographic considerations.
  • To upgrade the college into a three shift comprehensive co-educational institute of higher education with the introduction of different subjects under science, arts and commerce streams.
  • To maintain focus on commerce education for reasons of legacy.
  • To complete the construction of four storied college building on its own land within the main city limit.
  • To establish close contact between the students and the teachers through quality teaching-learning process. Encouraging students to perform better at the examinations.
  • To make the students better equipped to serve their own purpose, purposes of their family, locality, state and the country as a whole.
  • To contribute to a better and higher form of society with adequate knowledge based student community.
  • To implant core values, inculcate the sense of nationalism and nation building.
  • To integrate the college motto – “Knowledge is Power- Unity is Strength” to the institutional strategy to make the country powerful with sufficient knowledge base and securing integrity & development of the country with the strength of unity.

Our college strives to

  • Instigate quality education to prepare individuals who can provide exemplary service in the changing global scenario.
  • Inculcate the core values within our student community.
  • Imbibe perseverance in accelerating the academic pursuits.
  • Inhibit cramming the prescribed syllabus and evaluating the memory capacity in producing the same within a stipulated time period for superficial competition and comparison.
  • Include the weaker and disadvantaged section of the community as a successful part of our student community.
  • Indulge in developing sustainable and innovative teaching methods.
  • Initiate a positive and nurturing learning environment.
  • Introspect the management of the college towards advancement of learning.
  • Inspire the student community.

Effective delivery of quality education at an affordable cost to a maximum possible number of students for enhancement of knowledge, students’ empowerment and social development is the vision of the college. Expansion, excess, quality and performance are the four pillars of institutional vision. Creation of knowledge based society, skill development and nation building are the core activities of the vision.
  • Accounting and Finance (ACFA)
  • Bengali(BNGA)
  • English(ENGA)
  • Political Science(PLSA)
  • History(HISA)
  • Education(EDCA)
  • Sanskrit(SNSA)
  • Computer Science(CMSA)
  • Physics(PHSA)
  • Mathematics(MTMA)

College Hours

College remains open and classes held in normal day time. (Usually from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM) Information regarding percentage of attendance and condition for its shortage for Degree Examination applies. In order to be eligible for being sent up for University examination a student must fulfil the provision of Calcutta University Regulation regarding attendance of lectures. Computer classes may be held outside the College hours at the morning or at the evening.