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Department Of EVS (Compulsory Subject)

Over view of the subject under C.U. guide line
  • Under the C.U. curriculum Environmental Studies is now a compulsory subject in third year under graduation course since 2001.
  • Full marks of examination is 100. Out of 100 marks 75 is objective type question and 25marks allotted for internal assessment as a project work. 30 is pass marks for each appearing candidates.
  • College follows the above mentioned format of examination strictly in each academic session. Students who fail to attend the field work or do not submit any field work report are marked ‘Absent’ in University examination. No negligence on the part of students is allowed here.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every mans need, but not every mans greed.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“In nature Nothing Exist Alone”
Rachel Carson
Students are attending smart class

“A Healthy Ecology Is The Basis For Healthy Economy” Clandine Schnedier

    Project work based on the sewage fed fisheries in East Kolkata wet land       Field visit to Dhapa dumping ground ( Near East Kolkata,By Pass Area )      

30 marks project is compulsory all the 3dr. yr students (for internal assessment)

“Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty”
John Ruskin
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Presently student can access Google Classroom Study Material with various doc, pdf, ppt & youtube/video link. Further update reflect here. Updated Link( At Library Section )