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“The True Laboratory is the mind, Where behind illutions we uncover the laws of truth” – Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose

Department Of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry was founded in the year 2016. Chemistry is taught as an elective subject for B. Sc. Course till. The first batch of students in the General Course has been admitted in 2016. Chemistry General is a core science subject in high demand. The students of Mathematics Honours, Physics Honours and Computer science Honours enrol with Chemistry as Elective subject. The College Central Library and the College Network Resource Centre adequately cater to the basic academic requirements of the students. Besides the Central Library of the college, the Department also maintains a library for textbooks and reference books for the benefit of the students. Students of the Department take part in various college activities magazine, wall magazine, social work and cultural activities. Apart from the classroom teaching, all the faculty members try to provide special guidance to the students whenever needed. Special attention is given to the students who are below average. They are also encouraged to undertake the career counselling course offered by the college.

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Chemistry Can be taken as General subject only.
Department is planning for Honours Course.
Presently students can access Google Classroom Study Material with the various doc, pdf, ppt & youtube/video links. Further updates reflect here.

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Updated Link( At Library Section )
ODD SEM 2021 BSc(G) Sem 5 Chem DSE A2 Download
ODD SEM 2021 BSc(G) Sem 5 Chem DSE A2 Download
ODD SEM 2021 BSc(G) Sem3 Chem SEC A1 Download
ODD SEM 2021 BSc(G) Sem3 Chem CC3/GE3 Download
ODD SEM 2021 BSc(G) Sem 1 Chem CC1/GE1 Download