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UGC sponsored career and counselling cell is very much active in the college. Under the able leadership of its co-ordinator-Prof. Provas Mondal, a number of expert lectures and professional counseling on academic and psychological issues are conducted successfully. The cell recommends necessary measures regarding support system and guidance services which are promptly adopted by the college. The cell is empowered with computer, internet, printer, scanner, copier etc. Teachers provide academic advise and psychological support to the students at personal and family level.

Details on the nature of support programmes and number of students benefitted are given below:-


  • Academic Advise – Standing practices of teachers to provide academic advise at the class room and at individual level.
  • Psychological counseling – provided occasionally by expert counselor and also by teachers.
  • Mentoring – mentor-mentee relationship exist between teachers and students.
  • Training and Skill development:-
    • Number of students benefitted in Mobile repairing course conducted AVJ Infotech Pvt. Ltd. – 18 (eighteen).
    • Number of students benefitted in Computer Hardware and Networking –
      • 2012-2013 – 25 students.
      • 2013-2014 – 30 students
      • 2015-2016 – 40 students


Placement Assistance and no. of students benefited during last four years

Sl. No. Date Name of the organization/company/person Venue No. Of students benefitted
1. 17.12.2011 SUBIMAL DAS COLLEGE 42
2. 06.08.2012 TCS COLLEGE 37
4. 09.01.2012 NIIT ST. XAVIERS’ COLLEGE 8
5. O7.01.2012-08.01.2012 NIIT KANKURGACHI 8
6. 27.09.2013 IQST COLLEGE 38
7. 16.01.2014 LIC of India   32
8. 16.01.2014 GYANI COLLEGE 32
9. 16.01.2014 WLC COLLEGE COLLEGE 32
10. 08.08.2014 TCS COLLEGE 45
11 Dec, 2015 TCS – in process COLLEGE 25