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“There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.”
— Vladimir Lenin.

Department Of Political Science

Political Science Department

The Department began her journey from the year 2009. It offers B.A Honours and B.A General Course respectively under CBCS curriculum.The mission and objective of the Department is to deliver quality education which empowers, motivates and mobilizes the students for better healthy and mental awareness. The faculty is dedicated and determined to encourage students by making them participate in various co-curricular activities. Prof Dipannita Sanyal, Assistant Professor, is the Head of the Department since March 2019.Preparing students to opt for various competitive examinations.Motivating them for higher education.Encouraging them to participate in sports for their physical wellness.Help them to participate in different student seminars and other social events and activities.Counseling them to boost their confidence and channelizing them for self-endowment.

Library Facility :

  • With the facility of central Library of the college.
  • Department /Seminar Library also offers its students some reference books from the departmental book-club.

Course Details

  1. UG- Semester Wise Three years B.A Honours Course (Under CBCS, University of Calcutta)
  2. Three Years B.A. Honours Course(1+1+1) ,University of Calcutta



Head of Dept :

Name: Prof. Dipannita Sanyal

Designation: Assistant Professor, M.A Ph.D. (Persuing)

Contact No: 9903572075


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Name Prof. Dipannita Sanyal
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification M.A, Ph.D. ( Pursuing )
Contact no. 9903572075
E-mail id
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Name Prof. Sumita Debnath
Designation SACT-II
Qualification M.A
Contact no. 9062016176
E-mail Id
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Name Prof. Mithu Nandy
Designation SACT-II
Qualification MA,M.Phil
E-mail Id
Contact no 9163477757
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Name Prof. Sobhona Mukhopadhyay
Designation SACT-II
Qualification M.A., B.Ed.
Contact no 9830645794
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  • The department has its own separate classroom .
  • students are given notes/synopsis at end of  each class.
  • Sometime faculties use ICT ( Projector ) for their class lectures in the Seminar /Projector room of the college.

Activities :

  • Periodical conduct of Class Test and encouraging them to develop the cult of “power of expression” amongst students.
  • Conduction of Special Lectures by various dignitaries to boost up their knowledge.
  • Use of ICT method is widely practiced to enhance teaching-learning ability.
  • Publishing Wall Magazine to showcase their talent and beliefs.
  • Facilitation of Parent-Teacher Meeting to ensure updating of their progress.
  • Remedial classes for slow learners so that they may not feel left out academically.
  • Encouraging student team work for create general awareness.
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Presently student can access Google Classroom Study Material with various doc, pdf, ppt & youtube/video link.

Further update reflect here.