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Sir Gurudas Bandyopadhyay

Born: Calcutta, 26 January 1844. Died: Calcutta, 2 December 1918.

Sir Gurudas Bandyopadhyay was the Bengali Indian judge of the Calcutta High Court. In 1890, he also became the first Indian Vice-Chancellor of University of Calcutta.
He received his education at the Oriental Seminary, the General Assembly’s Institution (now Scottish Church College), the Presidency College, Kolkata and at the University of Calcutta.
Sir Gurudas had served as a professor at the Scottish Church College.He was the first Indian to be appointed as the vice-chancellor of the University of Calcutta. He was nominated to the post on 1 January 1890 and remained in office till 31 December 1892.
He became a distinguished eminent judge of the Calcutta High Court, and was knighted by the British government on 22 July 1904. He also became one of the teachers of Bengal National College of which the great freedom fighter, Aurobindo Ghosh, was the principal. He made notable contributions to the spread of education by making sure that Narkeldanga High School got raised to secondary standard.
There is a prestigious post in the Department of English of the University of Calcutta named after Sir Gooroodas Banerjee. The professor who holds this post comes to be known as Sir Gooroodas Banerjee Professor.
He wrote several books on thoughts on education and social life of Colonial Bengal.
Bibliography of Sir Gurudas Bandyopadhyay :
1. A Note on the Devanagari Alphabet for Bengali Students, 1893.
2. A Few Thoughts on Education, 1904.
3. A Few Thoughts on Education, New Edition, 1910.
4. The Education Problem in India, 1914
5. Gnan o Karmo, 1910.
6. Reminiscences, 1927.